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The Oceanside Health and Wellness Network strives to facilitate a collaborative environment which engages a broad range of members that reflects the diversity of our region and supports grassroots informed initiatives to improve wellness in measurable ways.



Oceanside residents are part of a healthy, caring, collaborative community that builds on strengths to address unique and common needs

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Our Values

  • Collaboration – Building relationships and partnerships with integrity, honesty, transparency and having a willingness for open dialogue and sharing

  • Belonging – Creating an inclusive and culturally safe space for all

  • Respect – Honouring each other’s strengths and celebrating different voices

  • Courage – Taking a leadership role when appropriate, staying strong when faced with adversity, speaking up when others cannot, and being willing to listen to ideas other than our own

  • Compassion — Meeting people where they are at and taking action to build equity and resilience

Our Guiding Principles

  • We work together in a caring way by following these guiding principles:

  •  Collaborate in a non-hierarchical way

  • Use consensus decision making protocols

  • Be action oriented

  • Actively listen

  • Be respectful

  • Be passionate, patient and persistent

  • Have fun

  • Appreciate others’ opinions

  • Act with kindness

  • Be transparent and use clear communication

  • Encourage full participation by allowing time for everyone to speak

  • Come prepared and actively participate

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