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Circle of Partners

The CoP is a core group of leaders from the Network who are passionate, enthusiastic, forward-thinkers who have the skills to represent diverse perspectives and are committed to collaboration. The CoP provides strategic direction to the Network and Action Groups, oversees the strategic plan, and monitors metrics related to key determinants of health in Oceanside. Acting as the steering group for OHWN, the CoP provides leadership by promoting and supporting collaborative practices and the principles of collective impact. Members sit for a minimum two-year term.

Gerry Herkel.jpg

Gerry Herkel, Co-chair

Member of Federation of Residents Society, Rotary Club of Qualicum Beach Sunrise
CoP Member since 2013

R. Elaine Young.jpg

Elaine Young, Co-chair

School Board Trustee, SD 69
CoP Member since 2020


Marlys Diamond_0.jpeg

Marlys Diamond

Member of Federation of Residents Society and Perfect Storm,

CoP Member since 2013

Susanna Newton_edited.jpg

Susanna Newton

Executive Director, Society of Organized Services,
Oceanside Homeless Task Force
CoP Member since 2018

Sharon Welch.jpg

Sharon Welch

Executive Director, Forward House Community Society, Past OHWN Chair, CoP Member since 2014

Jane Osborne.jpg

Jane Osborne

BC Community Response Network, Regional Mentor Central & North Vancouver Island,

CoP Member since 2018

Scott Harrison.jpg

Scott Harrison

Qualicum Beach Town Councilor, CoP Member since 2021

Natasha Dumont.jpg

Natasha Dumont

OHWN Island HealthRepresentative, Manager PublicHealth Services Port Alberni,Oceanside, West Coast
Member since 2021

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